Microsoft Azure- This Will Be Big

Microsoft Azure LogoTrust us, Microsoft Azure is worth understanding.  We’ve been in this business for a long time and certain technologies are essential to understand whether you sell them or services around them, use them or even if you use a competitive technology it’s good to know the field.

We’ll be creating many more blog posts about Microsoft Azure (formerly Windows Azure) over the coming months and we’re creating some training courses specifically for it.  For now though, read our blog post on how to buy Microsoft Azure and trust us.  Let’s examine some clues here:

  1. It’s no coincidence that Satya Nadella was the choice for replacing Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s CEO; the fact he headed up the cloud and services division played a large part in that.
  2. Microsoft Azure keeps company with several other Microsoft divisions, including Windows, Xbox and Office, that bring in more than $1 billion of revenue per year
  3. Microsoft Azure revenue more than doubled (150% growth) between FY13 Q3 (Jan-Mar 2013) and FY14 Q3 (Jan-Mar 2014) according to Microsoft’s earning release
  4. Over 50% of Fortune 500 companies were on Azure as of July 2013
  5. Analysts such as Morgan Stanley are predicting enormous growth; exceeding that of Amazon Web Services (Morgan Stanley CIO Survey, 2013. “Percentage of Enterprise CIOs Greater than $1B/$10B expecting to use IaaS by YE2014”)
  6. Microsoft’s investment in its data centres provides the foundation for Azure; the new Azure Brazil South region, located in Sao Paulo state, is available for public preview and this is a huge step in cloud trust as it offers customers the ability to keep their data in-country.  Data sovereignty in Europe is sure to follow.